Virgin Island Sailing

Virgin Island sailing is one of the best ways to explore all the inlets, bays, cays and beaches of this magical part of the tropics. It’s no accident that one of the world’s largest fleet of charter vessels makes its home in the Virgin Islands. Year after year experienced sailors and newbies alike return to find relaxation in the private waters, and enjoy a freedom hard found in work-a-day life.

Unlike other parts of the world, there is virtually no “off-season” for Virgin Island sailing. The waters are gentle, warm and inviting nearly year round. In fact, the best months for Virgin Island sailing and snorkeling are actually May, June and July, after the official “high season” ends in mid-April.

Virgin Island Sailing: Takes Me Away, To Where I’ve Always Heard It Could Be

The sailing in both the U.S. and British Virgin islands is gorgeous, and simultaneously relaxing and stimulating. But for even more peace and quiet, you may opt for the BVI. There are no direct flights from the United States (it’s a quick puddle jump away), which keeps the BVI islands less populated. Plus, with a very forward thinking environmental policy, much of the entire area remains in its natural state, and is a nature haven.

The pleasures of sailing in this part of the world are near-endless. There is snorkeling among the black coral reefs, dropping anchor and enjoying a picnic on a discovered, deserted white sands beach, or simple enjoyment of reading as you hear the wind in the sails. The sense of freedom on tranquil turquoise waters is powerfully seductive.