Sailing Vacations

Planning a Sailing VacationSailing vacations are the most versatile way to enjoy a Caribbean or Mediterranean holiday. These vacations combine comfort and freedom. And of course, the sightseeing off the coast of these spectacular trips is immediately superior to other vacation options.

Sailing Vacations: Ahoy, Matey

You don’t have to be an expert sailor to enjoy a sailing vacation. Most skippers are happy to teach as much as you wish to learn. Learn to handle the mast and the sail, or sit back and read and sip a rum-punch. It is, after all, your sailing vacation, and you are always free to do as much, or as little as makes you happy.

Chartered sailing vacations are completely unstructured, which allow you the freedom to plan each day as it comes. There are no lines, no crowds, nor any set times to do anything. The only people on board are you and your friends, and of course your well trained crew.

You can enjoy physical activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and windsurfing. Or, if you prefer sailing vacations made of quieter days, you can always explore the changing ports of call on foot, read a good book on the deck, or spend simple quality time with your traveling companions. The most wonderful thing about sailing vacations is they allow you a freedom from “I have-to,” and for a brief amount of time, let you savor the world of “I feel like … .”