Sailing Trips

Sailing trips today combine the old-world romance of sailing with modern technology, appointments, and attention to detail. And while, of course, the romance of gently flapping sails will always be part of the experience, don’t forget that sailboats today have tremendous auxiliary power. This means that in addition to leisurely, wind-propelled speeds, modern sailing vessels are also capable of pulling water-skiers, and wind-surfers. Bring some fun toys for your dog when going sailing a cute pink rope toy set or an elephant squeeky toy and dont forget to bring a Stretchy Bouncing Ball Toy for your pup to enjoy.

Sailing trips: Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main

Sailing trips are fun for everybody that enjoys the water. In addition to the simple pleasure of being aboard a sailing vessel, there are limitless activities to enjoy. Snorkeling in coral reefs, scuba diving in the Caribbean, fishing off the banks of Greece, whale and dolphin watching, and swimming in safe, clear inlets are just a few of the ways to entertain yourself on sailing trips.

For those that wish to enjoy more than just an afternoon on board, it’s wise to consider a sailboat rental. Not only are most activities included (with the possible exception of scuba equipment and instruction), but in the long run, renting a sailboat pleasure craft with multiple bedrooms may end up costing considerably less than a fancy hotel that features activity based day trips. Many people are really surprised to discover how affordable renting their own private sailboat, complete with Skipper and Chef is.

The price is an outright bargain compared to many popular cruise lines–especially those that charge for every soft-drink and cocktail. All the food on most private sailboat rentals is included. Plus, you never wait in line on your own boat, and your itinerary is completely at your discretion, not that of an activities director that has to please over a thousand people a trip.