Houseboating on Glacial Shuswap Lake

A vacation of a different sort, houseboating on Shuswap Lake, a trip for everyone. Even the geography buff in the crowd!

When I lay my head back on the edge of the hot tub, I could see the stars without straining my neck. And wow, were there stars! I felt so close to those celestial bodies, I felt as though I could see every detail one can with the naked eye. Nothing could tear me away. Nothing was going to. I was floating on a lake, sitting in a hot tub, in comfortable silence shared only with my animal neighbours. I couldn’t see them but I knew were there. I could memorize the stars, and enjoy the silence, in peace. It was a place of timelessness, a deep history of which only scientists could unravel, but I could belong to despite its element of mystery. It seemed I had been given the gift of relaxation.

Historical Evidence of a Glacial Deposit

You may have to know what you’re looking for but it seems to be of no surprise that the glacial advance didn’t neglect the interior of British Columbia. Much of the landscape in and around Shuswap Lake is dominated …

Omc Sea Drive Power Packs

Though they are becoming more and more rare, parts for OMC S/D engines, such as OMC Sea Drive power packs, are still available through commercial outlets. There are still dealerships that specialize in OMC genuine parts, providing factory-direct quality for OMC outboard or sterndrive owners. OMC Sea Drive power packs are available, as are OMC carburetor kits, propellers, and shop manuals, among others.

The power pack on an outboard engine is a key component of the electrical system of an engine. It is a computer-controlled box that distributes power to each of the spark plugs in turn, firing them to ignite the fuel in a cylinder and initiate the power stroke. OMC Sea Drive power packs are located in the power head of an outboard, adjacent to the cylinders.


Testing for Damaged OMC Sea Drive Power Packs

Occasionally, an ignition system part may become damaged by corrosion, age, or some other factor. If your engine doesn’t seem to be receiving any spark from the spark plugs, the power pack could be at fault. The wiring and connections may also be dirty or damaged, or it is possible that the stator, ignition switch, or amplifier coil may be damaged somehow.…

Virgin Island Sailing

Virgin Island sailing is one of the best ways to explore all the inlets, bays, cays and beaches of this magical part of the tropics. It’s no accident that one of the world’s largest fleet of charter vessels makes its home in the Virgin Islands. Year after year experienced sailors and newbies alike return to find relaxation in the private waters, and enjoy a freedom hard found in work-a-day life.

Unlike other parts of the world, there is virtually no “off-season” for Virgin Island sailing. The waters are gentle, warm and inviting nearly year round. In fact, the best months for Virgin Island sailing and snorkeling are actually May, June and July, after the official “high season” ends in mid-April.

Virgin Island Sailing: Takes Me Away, To Where I’ve Always Heard It Could Be

The sailing in both the U.S. and British Virgin islands is gorgeous, and simultaneously relaxing and stimulating. But for even more peace and quiet, you may opt for the BVI. There are no direct flights from the United States (it’s a quick puddle jump away), which keeps the BVI islands less populated. Plus, with a very forward thinking environmental policy, much of the entire area remains …

Invasive Species Threaten U.S. Waters: Boat and Seaplane Owners Mobilize to Fight Bilge Water Alien Species

Invasive species of aquatic plants and animals enter the U.S. daily without detection. They come from Europe, Asia and South America; stowed away deep in the bilges of large seagoing vessels. Once they arrive at U.S. ports they quickly invade to turn native aquatic plants and animals into endangered species. They cost billions in damage to commercial and recreational industries. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officially calls them aquatic nuisance species (ANS) and considers their threat so ominous, an ANS task force of hundreds of federal, state, and municipal agencies has been mobilized to stop alien species by adding new steps to clean boating practices. A new form of border control helps water recreation enthusiasts clean up their act to avoid spreading ANS infestations.

Alien Species are Sinister Stowaways

Aquatic invasive species have stowed away to U.S. shores on ships from around the world since the 1800s and have now spread to over 40 states. As large merchant and cruise ships dock in U.S. harbors for refueling purposes, they drain bilge tanks, used to maintain a vessel’s stability as fuel is expended. Bilge water containing aquatic species from foreign countries is deposited into freshwater harbors, like that of the …

How You Can Get Boating Insurance



it will help you to identify potential problems wich you do not know before now.


it will help you to avoid an unwanted accident and enven avoid you break down on sea water.


From what i know about marine surveyors,they can help you to identify problems,and also give a sugestion on how to solve such problems.
they help boat owners to know the potntial risk plus a preventive measure such boat owners will be taking should be incase of any disaster will occur


The cost of a marine survey:
From my finding,the cost of marine survey is different because this depends on the extent of work you need to do on your boat.For example, a lager vessle do take long time to inspect and as a result,such will be more expensive to survey than the smaller craft.


How ever, i want you to know that the cost of survey is small when compare with the risk you as owner of vessles will incure if such is not taking in consideratio…

Omc Sea Drive Parts Books

OMC Sea Drive parts books are most likely the primary resource material for any OMC Sea Drive owner. Since OMC declared bankruptcy in 2000, their Sea Drive (S/D) line of outboard engines has become discontinued. That doesn’t mean, however, that parts or OMC Sea Drive parts books are discontinued, but the engine itself is no longer in production.

The main source for parts and information regarding S/D engines may be certain dealers themselves. Many online vendors have physical retail locations as well, and have often been in the outboard business for a respectable amount of time. Such dealerships can help you find parts for your Sea Drive, and often have OMC Sea Drive parts books for sale as well.


Using OMC Sea Drive Parts Books

OMC Sea Drive parts books are, in general, organized similarly to most outboard engine parts books. The core of the book is detailed instructions regarding the disassembly of the engine, in two forms. Exploded-view diagrams document the teardown graphically, and accompanying text can explain more precisely the location and function of engine components.

S/D parts books also contain maintenance information, and specific, empirical information about certain engine components. For example, peak voltage information for …

North Carolina Boating While Impaired Guidelines

Many boaters escape to a North Carolina lake or beach during the summer to get away from the heat. Often, this time in the boat is a chance for the person to relax and catch up with friends. What should be a calm quiet day on the water, however, can quickly turn fatal if the boater chooses to drink and become intoxicated. While a North Carolina driving while impaired offense or DWI is more commonly known, boating while impaired (also known as boating while intoxicated or boating under the influence) is a lesser known charge that is also a criminal offense.

Statistics for North Carolina Boating While Intoxicated Accidents

According to the most recent statistics published by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission alcohol played a role in over 20% of boating fatalities as of 2008. The statistics indicate that alcohol was also related to 10% of non-fatal boating accidents in North Carolina.


Criteria for Boating While Impaired Charges

The criteria for a BWI or boating while impaired offense is similar to that of a North Carolina DWI or driving while impaired offense but the fines are different. First, of all, boaters should know that the legal limit of …

Johnson Boating Products

  • Johnson Fuel Pump
    If you have a Johnson engine with a damaged fuel system, you may want to consider replacing the damaged component with a genuine part, like a Johnson fuel pump. Using parts from the original manufact….
  • Johnson Oil Pump
    Johnson oil pumps are by and large considered to be quality components for Evinrude/Johnson engines. They are generally pretty trouble-free, and require only periodic maintenance. Should something g….
  • Johnson Outboard Carburetor Kits
    Johnson outboard carburetor kits are popular among outboard enthusiasts who are rebuilding or replacing worn engine parts. Carburetor kits generally contain all of the necessary pieces to rebuild or ….
  • Johnson Outboard Coils
    Replacing the Johnson outboard coils on your engine can be simple if you follow the proper procedures. The coils, part of the engine’s ignition system, can be found along the path of the wires that c….
  • Johnson Outboard Pistons
    Johnson outboard pistons are commonly available from many different outboard parts suppliers and boat shops. You can order them online from many sources as well, including many authorized Johnson/Evi….
  • Johnson Parts Books
    Perhaps the most important tools for any Johnson outboard enthusiast are Johnson parts books. These books are available for any make and model

Houseboating Vacations: More Than Just Upscale Camping

Looking for that fun, activity-filled family vacation or a laughter and memory-filled trip with friends? Look no more and consider houseboating for your next vacation destination.

Today’s houseboats come well equipped with many of the comforts of home. A refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and air conditioning are all provided to enhance the convenience and comfort of your stay. Some houseboats even come with satellite television so the big game doesn’t have to be missed. Bedding, towels and a fully equipped kitchen are included on your floating home away from home.

Fun and Games on Shore

Select the desired beach camp location. If possible, choose one with wind protection and a large beach area. If your location is a hot and sunny one, the onshore set up should include a shade tarp and beach chairs. These items are not provided so include them in your packing. Once the houseboat has been secured, let the games begin. Games played on shore can include horseshoes, cornhole or bocce ball. These also must be brought from home. Whatever your sport of choice, set up a tournament schedule for all of your crew and enjoy the friendly competition.

Activities Onboard

Activity choices onboard your floating residence …