Omc Sea Drive Carburetor Kits

Parts such as OMC Sea Drive carburetor kits may be highly specialized, but they are not that difficult to find. If you have a large outboard equipped with a Sea Drive, you would want to insure that you use the correct parts to repair or replace damaged components. Using parts from OMC kits, such as OMC Sea Drive carburetor kits, can help insure that your motor is running at its full capacity and for the duration of its lifetime.

The carburetor in many outboard engines, even large ones such as Sea Drive (S/D) models works very similarly to an automobile carburetor. Incoming fuel is mixed with incoming air to the proper ratio, and then shot into the cylinders of the engine. Of course, for fuel injection systems, the carburetor works a little differently, since no air needs to be mixed with the fuel.


Replacing Parts with OMC Sea Drive Carburetor Kits

OMC Sea Drive carburetor kits contain everything that you might need to replace some or all the parts of a S/D carburetor. To access the carburetor, simply follow the instructions presented in your OMC Sea Drive shop manual. There should also be a detailed exploded view diagram of most engine systems, including a diagram of the carburetor itself.

Once disassembled, soaking the parts in carburetor cleaning solution will clean them, and remove any varnish that may have built up over time. After soaking, and drying with an air can, cleaned parts can be reassembled into the engine, and damaged parts can be replaced. One important point to note regarding the reassembly of the carburetor is that the idle knob should be replaced in the same position as it was prior to disassembly.