Johnson Boating Products

  • Johnson Fuel Pump
    If you have a Johnson engine with a damaged fuel system, you may want to consider replacing the damaged component with a genuine part, like a Johnson fuel pump. Using parts from the original manufact….
  • Johnson Oil Pump
    Johnson oil pumps are by and large considered to be quality components for Evinrude/Johnson engines. They are generally pretty trouble-free, and require only periodic maintenance. Should something g….
  • Johnson Outboard Carburetor Kits
    Johnson outboard carburetor kits are popular among outboard enthusiasts who are rebuilding or replacing worn engine parts. Carburetor kits generally contain all of the necessary pieces to rebuild or ….
  • Johnson Outboard Coils
    Replacing the Johnson outboard coils on your engine can be simple if you follow the proper procedures. The coils, part of the engine’s ignition system, can be found along the path of the wires that c….
  • Johnson Outboard Pistons
    Johnson outboard pistons are commonly available from many different outboard parts suppliers and boat shops. You can order them online from many sources as well, including many authorized Johnson/Evi….
  • Johnson Parts Books
    Perhaps the most important tools for any Johnson outboard enthusiast are Johnson parts books. These books are available for any make and model of Johnson engine, and are an indispensable resource. J….
  • Johnson Parts Catalogs
    Johnson parts catalogs are perhaps the primary reference guides for Johnson engines. Parts catalogs have been produced for every model of Johnson engine available, and document the structure and the ….
  • Johnson Piston Rings
    Johnson piston rings are an important component of the inside of a Johnson engine. However, piston rings can occasionally become damaged, and lead to other more serious problems within the cylinders ….
  • Johnson Power Packs
    Replacing Johnson power packs in your Johnson engine can be difficult and very troublesome without the proper research and reference material. Johnson power packs are located in near the head of a Jo….
  • Johnson Rectifier Regulators
    Quality Johnson rectifier regulators are generally available from authorized Johnson/Evinrude dealers. They are also readily available from any number of online marine parts vendors, along with many ….