Sailing Vacations

Planning a Sailing VacationSailing vacations are the most versatile way to enjoy a Caribbean or Mediterranean holiday. These vacations combine comfort and freedom. And of course, the sightseeing off the coast of these spectacular trips is immediately superior to other vacation options.

Sailing Vacations: Ahoy, Matey

You don’t have to be an expert sailor to enjoy a sailing vacation. Most skippers are happy to teach as much as you wish to learn. Learn to handle the mast and the sail, or sit back and read and sip a rum-punch. It is, after all, your sailing vacation, and you are always free to do as much, or as little as makes you happy.

Chartered sailing vacations are completely unstructured, which allow you the freedom to plan each day as it comes. There are no lines, no crowds, nor any set times to do anything. The only people on board are you and your friends, and of course your well trained crew.

You can enjoy physical activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and windsurfing. Or, if you prefer sailing vacations made of quieter days, you can always explore the changing ports of call on foot, read a good book on the deck, or spend simple quality …

Using a College Based Program to Train Oil Spill Responders

Prince William Sound Community College (PWSCC) is a small, independently accredited college located in Valdez, Alaska. Port Valdez is home to the marine terminal of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Based on the history of Prince William Sound and the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster, the oil industry has seen the need to ramp up and bolster its oil spill response capabilities. The Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (Alyeska), an organization that represents the oil industry owners of the pipeline system, operates the marine oil delivery terminal.

Commercial Fishing Vessels and Ship Escort Response Vessel Service

The Ship Escort Response Vessel Service (SERVS) was developed to serve as the Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) for the Valdez Marine Oil Terminal. These organizations are a requirement of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA90), the act that was put into place after the Exxon Valdez spill of 1989.

The oil industry operating in Prince William Sound is required to have a spill contingency plan in place and practice using it throughout the year. After the Exxon Valdez spill, the oil industry recognized the importance of using commercial fishing vessels and their crews as oil spill responders. It would be difficult, if not impossible for …

A Houseboating Guide: Enjoy A Unique Family Vacation Under The Summer Sun

Houseboating offers a unique and entertaining summer vacation that people of all ages will never forget. No matter what type of houseboat rented or what lake cruised, houseboating offers a relaxing vacation on the water, under blue skies and warm sunlight.

What Houseboat Companies Provide

There are many houseboat companies which provide these unique experiences; and they provide not only linens, a full kitchen, and toilet paper, but also a step-by-step guide to motoring and beaching. Just like hotels, motels and hostels, houseboats range in quality from “rustic” to “luxurious” and can be an economical alternative for large groups.

Typically, the boats can accommodate a dozen or so people, and can provide cost-savings if split between multiple families, particularly when factoring in savings from home cooking and gasoline While most people enjoy a one-week holiday, a rental can range from a weekend to a fortnight.

Once the houseboat is “beached” – set up camp, and place a bucket of water at the steps to enter the living area. This will help keep a (relatively) clean houseboat, while keeping the vacuum in the closet.

Keep Costs of Houseboating Down

Because the houseboats use quite a bit of gas motoring around, an

Sailing Trips

Sailing trips today combine the old-world romance of sailing with modern technology, appointments, and attention to detail. And while, of course, the romance of gently flapping sails will always be part of the experience, don’t forget that sailboats today have tremendous auxiliary power. This means that in addition to leisurely, wind-propelled speeds, modern sailing vessels are also capable of pulling water-skiers, and wind-surfers. Bring some fun toys for your dog when going sailing a cute pink rope toy set or an elephant squeeky toy and dont forget to bring a Stretchy Bouncing Ball Toy for your pup to enjoy.

Sailing trips: Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main

Sailing trips are fun for everybody that enjoys the water. In addition to the simple pleasure of being aboard a sailing vessel, there are limitless activities to enjoy. Snorkeling in coral reefs, scuba diving in the Caribbean, fishing off the banks of Greece, whale and dolphin watching, and swimming in safe, clear inlets are just a few of the ways to entertain yourself on sailing trips.

For those that wish to enjoy more than just an afternoon on board, it’s wise to consider a sailboat rental. Not only are most activities included (with …

Preparedness Measures for Oil Spill Cleanup Volunteers

A natural inclination for many coastal residents is the desire to volunteer and help with the cleanup of oil spills that threaten the marine environment. Crude oil is a hazardous substance and spill responders don’t take handling it lightly.

Hazardous Materials Training for Oil Spill Volunteers

A person qualified at the technician level to respond to an oil spill response has competed a 24-hour HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) course and takes an 8-hour refresher class each year. There often are emergency courses like those offered by organizations like Prince William Sound Community College ( to potential responders following major spill incidents.

People willing to serve in oil spill cleanup operations as volunteers, once they become aware of an incident, are known as convergent volunteers. There are provisions in federal law [40 CFR 300 Part 185 (c)] that recognize the value of these volunteers and define how this group can be utilized during a spill emergency. Convergent volunteers are not likely to be used in physical oil removal or remedial activities without additional safety training, but are very useful in efforts like wildlife rehabilitation, placement of defensive boom or beach cleanup.

An Oil Spill Cleanup Volunteer’s Equipment Kit

NTSB Chairman Comments on Boating Safety Demands: States Still Need to Make Important Regulatory Improvements

The Legal Requirements Of Boating - ppt downloadIn the USA, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is responsible for boating safety. Speaking to a gathering of the Western States Boating Administrators Association (WSBAA) on June 23, 2009, Mark V. Rosenker, Acting Chairman of the NTSB, made a number of points to WSBAA members present about the state of boating safety efforts by the Board to date.

The Chairman noted the good working relationship that exists between the NTSB and WSBAA. The WSBAA has historically supported the goals of the Board over the past 15 years. Among these goals are mandatory boating safety education, wearing of lifejackets by children, off-throttle problems with personal watercraft (PWC), alcohol safety programs, and safety education for renters of PWCs.

Rosenker emphasized that recreational boating safety is an important focus area for the NTSB and noted the Board highlighted the topic in its “Most Wanted Transportation Safety Improvements for 2009” list. Three current areas of focus for boating safety improvement include mandatory wearing of lifejackets by children in all 50 states, promotion of mandatory boating safety education courses, and that safety instruction be provided by liveries that rent out personal watercraft. The NTSB’s goals for improving recreational boating safety can be viewed at …

Boating ideas and tips

There’? no d?ubt ?bout ?t that boating ?s ? r?creational sport. It’s ? soothing, restful way to ditch th? tensions ?f lif? and co?st al?ng ? smo?th plate glass ?f water whi?e ?avoring t?e sig?ts and sounds of nature around y?u. Wh?n you are into boat?ng, t?ere are ? l?t ?f ?ports you can explore f?r recreational value.

Wate? ski?ng is ?ne ?f the m?st popular boating rec?eation sp?rts that boaters do. It’? fun to do and d?mands little in the ?ay ?f gear although t?e gear can be a little hig?-priced. A ni?e ?air of water skis ?an ?un upwa?ds of ? couple hundred dollars, and ? good slal?m s?i can b? ?ven mo?e co?tly. However, w?en ?ou se? ?ll ?ou rea?ly need i? skis and ? t?w rope, it’s no ?onder that water skiing i? a popular boating recreati?n sport.

Anot?er fun r?creational s?ort to d? while boating i? wake b?arding – al?o known a? boogie boarding. T?is call? f?r taking a bo?rd mu?h lik? a surfboard but sma?ler ?n size. A ?erson ?neels ?n th? ?oard w?ile keeping ?old ?f the tow r?pe and plan?s ac?oss t?e w?ter leaping w?ves.

Inner tub?ng ?s also another ?ecreational bo?ting …

Houseboating on Glacial Shuswap Lake

A vacation of a different sort, houseboating on Shuswap Lake, a trip for everyone. Even the geography buff in the crowd!

When I lay my head back on the edge of the hot tub, I could see the stars without straining my neck. And wow, were there stars! I felt so close to those celestial bodies, I felt as though I could see every detail one can with the naked eye. Nothing could tear me away. Nothing was going to. I was floating on a lake, sitting in a hot tub, in comfortable silence shared only with my animal neighbours. I couldn’t see them but I knew were there. I could memorize the stars, and enjoy the silence, in peace. It was a place of timelessness, a deep history of which only scientists could unravel, but I could belong to despite its element of mystery. It seemed I had been given the gift of relaxation.

Historical Evidence of a Glacial Deposit

You may have to know what you’re looking for but it seems to be of no surprise that the glacial advance didn’t neglect the interior of British Columbia. Much of the landscape in and around Shuswap Lake is dominated …

Omc Sea Drive Power Packs

Though they are becoming more and more rare, parts for OMC S/D engines, such as OMC Sea Drive power packs, are still available through commercial outlets. There are still dealerships that specialize in OMC genuine parts, providing factory-direct quality for OMC outboard or sterndrive owners. OMC Sea Drive power packs are available, as are OMC carburetor kits, propellers, and shop manuals, among others.

The power pack on an outboard engine is a key component of the electrical system of an engine. It is a computer-controlled box that distributes power to each of the spark plugs in turn, firing them to ignite the fuel in a cylinder and initiate the power stroke. OMC Sea Drive power packs are located in the power head of an outboard, adjacent to the cylinders.


Testing for Damaged OMC Sea Drive Power Packs

Occasionally, an ignition system part may become damaged by corrosion, age, or some other factor. If your engine doesn’t seem to be receiving any spark from the spark plugs, the power pack could be at fault. The wiring and connections may also be dirty or damaged, or it is possible that the stator, ignition switch, or amplifier coil may be damaged somehow.…

Virgin Island Sailing

Virgin Island sailing is one of the best ways to explore all the inlets, bays, cays and beaches of this magical part of the tropics. It’s no accident that one of the world’s largest fleet of charter vessels makes its home in the Virgin Islands. Year after year experienced sailors and newbies alike return to find relaxation in the private waters, and enjoy a freedom hard found in work-a-day life.

Unlike other parts of the world, there is virtually no “off-season” for Virgin Island sailing. The waters are gentle, warm and inviting nearly year round. In fact, the best months for Virgin Island sailing and snorkeling are actually May, June and July, after the official “high season” ends in mid-April.

Virgin Island Sailing: Takes Me Away, To Where I’ve Always Heard It Could Be

The sailing in both the U.S. and British Virgin islands is gorgeous, and simultaneously relaxing and stimulating. But for even more peace and quiet, you may opt for the BVI. There are no direct flights from the United States (it’s a quick puddle jump away), which keeps the BVI islands less populated. Plus, with a very forward thinking environmental policy, much of the entire area remains …