A Houseboating Guide: Enjoy A Unique Family Vacation Under The Summer Sun

Houseboating offers a unique and entertaining summer vacation that people of all ages will never forget. No matter what type of houseboat rented or what lake cruised, houseboating offers a relaxing vacation on the water, under blue skies and warm sunlight.

What Houseboat Companies Provide

There are many houseboat companies which provide these unique experiences; and they provide not only linens, a full kitchen, and toilet paper, but also a step-by-step guide to motoring and beaching. Just like hotels, motels and hostels, houseboats range in quality from “rustic” to “luxurious” and can be an economical alternative for large groups.

Typically, the boats can accommodate a dozen or so people, and can provide cost-savings if split between multiple families, particularly when factoring in savings from home cooking and gasoline While most people enjoy a one-week holiday, a rental can range from a weekend to a fortnight.

Once the houseboat is “beached” – set up camp, and place a bucket of water at the steps to enter the living area. This will help keep a (relatively) clean houseboat, while keeping the vacuum in the closet.

Keep Costs of Houseboating Down

Because the houseboats use quite a bit of gas motoring around, an economical choice is to beach, or park, the boat on a secluded beach for the duration of your vacation. After breakfast pack lunch, snacks, beverages and towels in ski boats or jet skis for day trips canyon-cruising or cliff jumping. Most boat rental locations can provide water skis, wakeboards, tubes or knee boards – if both budget and abilities allow.

Don’t feel like productive houseboating means abandoning the houseboat though. Horseshoe or Cornhole (a fancy way of saying Beanbag) tournaments are other fun activities to pass the day away. But, if the heat is too much, indoor games like Scrabble, Uno or cards can be surprisingly rowdy and intense!

Of course, no afternoon on a houseboat could be complete without 3pm beer floats. Grab a favorite floatation device, a bottle of favorite brew and jump into the lake for a relaxing drink and chatter with good friends/family (For the non-alcoholic houseboater, this works just as well with your favorite soda or juice).

After an exhausting day playing in the sun, night comes as a welcome relief. Showering in the lake (with your bathing suit on!) can be a communal event, and will wipe off the excess sunscreen and sand that has soaked into every pore.

In order to maximize cost savings, split the duty of cooking amongst the houseboaters. One family (or couple) can prepare the meal each night – from cocktails to dessert. This ensures that everyone gets at least one night off from cooking, cleaning and slaving away over a hot BBQ.

There are many lakes in the United States which accommodate houseboat vacations: Lake Mead, Lake Powell, and Shasta Lake are just a few that come to mind.