Waiting to go Boating

Well the weather outside is frightful…Actually it’s not all that bad out, but when it gets too cold to be out on the boat, the weather outside is frightful.  Fall is upon us and Old Man Winter can’t be far behind, which means that for the next 6 months boating will be but a fond memory.  So, what is there to do until she’s back in the water? Glad you asked.  Here are some suggestions to wile away those cold boatless days of winter.

Grab a book and read about the sea.  Buy the latest Clive Cussler novel. You know, the one where ocean adventurer Dirk Pitt and his latest beautiful girl friend struggle against the forces of evil aided only by the vast resources of the National Underwater and Marine Agency. Actually that could be any Clive Cussler novel so take your pick.  If Dirk and his fancy gadgets don’t interest you then try a classic. A few hours reading about the exploits of Horatio Hornblower or wading through “2 Years Before the Mast” should help quench your thirst for the sea.

Not into reading? Then pop some corn, snuggle down in front of the tube and watch …

Fresh Water Conversions

Boats actually become more precious with the passage of time. The problem is that the modern specifications for marine engines are developing every day, so what can a boat owner like you do to make use of the modern technology and still keep your good old boat? It is very simple actually. Even an old engine or carburetor that dates from the 1970s can be converted into a perfectly up-to-date modern version.

Installing Fresh Water Conversions

A fresh water cooling system is modern technology for boats that is far superior to the raw water cooling systems that can wreck an engine in no time flat. This newer type of cooling system will prolong your engine’s life and keep it running smoothly. You’ll notice a significant improvement in performance, especially if you own a racing boat or love to speed in the open water.

Providing you have accurate information about the age and make of your boat, and the age and make of engine, you can expect a successful conversion. With the right parts and some detailed instructions, you may even want to have a go at converting your cooling system yourself. It can be very satisfying to do this kind …