Sailing Trips

Sailing trips today combine the old-world romance of sailing with modern technology, appointments, and attention to detail. And while, of course, the romance of gently flapping sails will always be part of the experience, don’t forget that sailboats today have tremendous auxiliary power. This means that in addition to leisurely, wind-propelled speeds, modern sailing vessels are also capable of pulling water-skiers, and wind-surfers. Bring some fun toys for your dog when going sailing a cute pink rope toy set or an elephant squeeky toy and dont forget to bring a Stretchy Bouncing Ball Toy for your pup to enjoy.

Sailing trips: Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main

Sailing trips are fun for everybody that enjoys the water. In addition to the simple pleasure of being aboard a sailing vessel, there are limitless activities to enjoy. Snorkeling in coral reefs, scuba diving in the Caribbean, fishing off the banks of Greece, whale and dolphin watching, and swimming in safe, clear inlets are just a few of the ways to entertain yourself on sailing trips.

For those that wish to enjoy more than just an afternoon on board, it’s wise to consider a sailboat rental. Not only are most activities included (with …

Omc Sea Drive Carburetor Kits

Parts such as OMC Sea Drive carburetor kits may be highly specialized, but they are not that difficult to find. If you have a large outboard equipped with a Sea Drive, you would want to insure that you use the correct parts to repair or replace damaged components. Using parts from OMC kits, such as OMC Sea Drive carburetor kits, can help insure that your motor is running at its full capacity and for the duration of its lifetime.

The carburetor in many outboard engines, even large ones such as Sea Drive (S/D) models works very similarly to an automobile carburetor. Incoming fuel is mixed with incoming air to the proper ratio, and then shot into the cylinders of the engine. Of course, for fuel injection systems, the carburetor works a little differently, since no air needs to be mixed with the fuel.


Replacing Parts with OMC Sea Drive Carburetor Kits

OMC Sea Drive carburetor kits contain everything that you might need to replace some or all the parts of a S/D carburetor. To access the carburetor, simply follow the instructions presented in your OMC Sea Drive shop manual. There should also be a detailed exploded view diagram of …

Olympic Coast Marine Sanctuary: Condition Report Released for Coastal Refuge Facing Future Threats

Representing a remarkable expanse of undeveloped coastal shoreline, the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is composed of many diverse wildlife habitats that vary from rocky inter-tidal zones to massive nearshore kelp forests. While the status report for the sanctuary rates its condition as being from fair to good, the area faces many outside threats.

About the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary

The Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary was established in 1994 and is located along 217 kilometers of the Washington coast, running from Cape Flattery to the mouth of the Copalis River. It shares 90 kilometers of its shoreline with Olympic National Park and varies in width from 40 to 72 kilometers offshore. Some 29 marine mammal and 100 seabird species call the sanctuary home. People have lived in the area for at least 6,000 years and there are 180 shipwrecks documented along the rugged Olympic Coast.

The NOAA report looked at seventeen different areas of potential concern for the sanctuary. These included issues like water quality, integrity of wildlife habitat, impacts of oil pollution, living resources, and maritime archaeological resources. Potential ranking were from good to poor. None of the categories reviewed were rated as poor.

Emerging Threats to