Omc Sea Drive Parts Books

OMC Sea Drive parts books are most likely the primary resource material for any OMC Sea Drive owner. Since OMC declared bankruptcy in 2000, their Sea Drive (S/D) line of outboard engines has become discontinued. That doesn’t mean, however, that parts or OMC Sea Drive parts books are discontinued, but the engine itself is no longer in production.

The main source for parts and information regarding S/D engines may be certain dealers themselves. Many online vendors have physical retail locations as well, and have often been in the outboard business for a respectable amount of time. Such dealerships can help you find parts for your Sea Drive, and often have OMC Sea Drive parts books for sale as well.


Using OMC Sea Drive Parts Books

OMC Sea Drive parts books are, in general, organized similarly to most outboard engine parts books. The core of the book is detailed instructions regarding the disassembly of the engine, in two forms. Exploded-view diagrams document the teardown graphically, and accompanying text can explain more precisely the location and function of engine components.

S/D parts books also contain maintenance information, and specific, empirical information about certain engine components. For example, peak voltage information for …

North Carolina Boating While Impaired Guidelines

Many boaters escape to a North Carolina lake or beach during the summer to get away from the heat. Often, this time in the boat is a chance for the person to relax and catch up with friends. What should be a calm quiet day on the water, however, can quickly turn fatal if the boater chooses to drink and become intoxicated. While a North Carolina driving while impaired offense or DWI is more commonly known, boating while impaired (also known as boating while intoxicated or boating under the influence) is a lesser known charge that is also a criminal offense.

Statistics for North Carolina Boating While Intoxicated Accidents

According to the most recent statistics published by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission alcohol played a role in over 20% of boating fatalities as of 2008. The statistics indicate that alcohol was also related to 10% of non-fatal boating accidents in North Carolina.


Criteria for Boating While Impaired Charges

The criteria for a BWI or boating while impaired offense is similar to that of a North Carolina DWI or driving while impaired offense but the fines are different. First, of all, boaters should know that the legal limit of …