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by Katie on November 27, 2012 · 1 comment

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Last month Austin & I introduced you to the fabulous NEW Smart Balance Kids milk, and we are still in L.O.V.E. Austin continues to call it his “cow milk”, it’s a staple in the¬†refrigerator and thanks to all the fantastic nutrients, will continue to be so! He just turned 3, & like I mentioned before, the Kids Milk formula is made for kids 2 & up, so he will be sipping on it for as long as he likes, in a sippy cup or in his big boy cups! Either way, I’m confident to know he’s getting all the Calcium, Vitamin C, D, & E, and more that his little body needs. & don’t forget our favorite part:

Other great ways to get those vital nutrients in? Sneak them in with some yummy dinner time¬†favorites. I remember my sister in law used to do this with my nieces, blend up veggies and mix it in with their food, and they were none the wiser! Anywho, I headed over to the Smart Balance Kids’ recipe section and selected the Macaroni & Cheese With Carrots recipe. Smart Balance Kids quotes “Lots of kids turn up their noses at carrots. But no one can say no to this scrumptious and healthier mac & cheese!”¬†Truth be told, Austin eats whole carrots like candy, but I thought this would be a super fun one to make nonetheless!

First you start out with THE most important ingredient, Smart Balance Kids milk of COURSE! You can find it in the milk section (duh…) at Harris Teeter with the other Smart Balance branded products! {CLICK HERE! For COUPONS!}



I’ll let you check out the OFFICIAL Smart Balance Kids Macaroni & Cheese with Carrots recipe on their website, just click HERE!
They say to grate your carrots in a food processor and I totally recommend it. I didn’t have one, my mom didn’t have one… we just used a cheese grater. So our pieces of carrots are pretty big lol and totally obvious. I’m thinking the POINT of this recipe is to HIDE the carrots from your kids, but oh wells ;) Maybe next time!!!!

It’s a very cheesy recipe, so if you’re a big cheese fan, you DEFINITELY want to whip this one up sooner than later! The kids will love it, and it’s way better than that box junk. It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought either, and not much effort at all. Besides the big flakes of carrots, I think mine looks just like theirs, what do you think?!?!

Guess what? Smart Balance Kids and Pickles & Paisleys is giving 3 of y’all another chance to win a carton of Smart Balance Kids milk for yourselves! Sara, Heather, and Stephanie were our lucky winners from last month, and I can’t WAIT to see who is up this month!

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I received product/compensation for review. All opinions are my own and truthful. Austin & I love Smart Balance Kids & stand behind anything and everything on Pickles & Paisleys.

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Amanda @ The Eco-Friendly Family December 5, 2012 at 10:56 am

I love trying new things!


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